Effective August 1, 2013, smoking is prohibited on university property, including property owned or operated by CSUF. Reference Directive 18 for information about the campus smoke-free policy at the following website:

What is CSUF’s smoke-free policy and when does it take effect?

Effective August 1, 2013, smoking is prohibited on university property, facilities, grounds, parking structures, private vehicles parked on university grounds, university-owned vehicles and structures owned or leased by the university.

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Who does the policy affect?

All university employees, students and visitors will be expected to adhere to the smoke-free policy while on CSUF property.

Will the policy remain in effect on weekends?

The smoke-free policy is in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What products are prohibited?

Smoking is defined as inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other lighted smoking product.  This includes but not limited to e-cigarettes, clove cigarettes and hookahs.

Isn’t this smoke-free policy a violation of my civil and constitutional rights?

There is no “right to smoke” under state or federal law.  CSUF has the authority to govern the use of university property and regulate its use. Smoking in public places produces secondhand smoke, which has been shown to harm others, even if they do not smoke. Banning smoking at CSUF protects everyone from exposure to secondhand smoke while they are on campus. If someone wishes to smoke, they may freely do so off CSUF property.

Does the smoke-free policy apply to tailgate gatherings and events at outdoor stadiums and fields?

Yes. All events that take place on CSUF property, including tailgate gatherings and outdoor events, still fall into the smoke-free zones.

Can I use tobacco in my own vehicle within the smoke-free zones?

No, a vehicle parked on a CSUF parking lot/structure or on a street within the borders of the CSUF campus is still within the boundaries of the smoke-free zone, and must be moved off-campus if you want to smoke within the vehicle.

Are there policy exceptions?

The only exceptions to the smoke-free policy include: Smoking in university-sponsored theater and dance productions, showcases or workshops as part of the department of theater and dance season may be authorized by the Dean of the College of the Arts. Smoking in Associated Students-sponsored performance may be authorized in writing by the Dean of the College of the Arts or Executive Director of the Associated Students. Notification to the President or Designee must be provided in advance of the performance.

How is this policy different from the current policies about smoking and tobacco use?

Previously, those who wished to use tobacco products at CSUF could do so outdoors, at least 20 feet away from any building entrance. This new policy further encourages health and wellness at CSUF by completely prohibiting smoking on all CSUF property.

How will the policy change be communicated to faculty, staff and students?

Every effort will be made to announce this policy using various CSUF’s media outlets, including e-mail messages, portal announcements, CSUF News, Daily Titan, and local news outlets. To view Directive 18: Smoking Policy in its entirety, visit the Smoke-Free website at:

How will campus visitors know that CSUF is a smoke-free institution?

Signage about our smoke-free campus will be placed throughout CSUF grounds and buildings beginning in Summer 2013.  The CSUF Smoke-Free Policy website is accessible to visitors.

Have other universities implemented a smoke-free campus?

Yes. There are over 1,000 colleges and universities nationwide that have enacted 100% a smoke-free or tobacco-free campus.

How will this change make a positive difference at CSUF?

CSUF is committed to protecting the health and safety of university employees, students and visitors on the CSUF main campus and ancillary campuses and properties. Creating a smoke-free environment allows for a healthy, comfortable and productive living, learning and working environment.

Will the university require people to quit using tobacco products?

No. CSUF acknowledges that the use of tobacco products is a personal choice. However, the use of tobacco does not fit with the culture of health and wellness CSUF encourages. Though some may choose to use tobacco products off campus, by not smoking on university property CSUF can better protect those who choose not to smoke from the effects of secondhand smoke, as well as help those who are trying to quit tobacco.

What resources are available to help those who want to quit tobacco?

A smoker who wishes to quit can increase his/her chances of success by using available resources such as those listed on our Smoke-Free website at:

How will property owners adjacent to the CSUF campuses be affected by the policy? Is there a plan to handle employees who just travel to the nearest off-campus sidewalk or building to smoke?

Properties adjacent to CSUF set their own policies regarding smoking. We ask CSUF employees, students and visitors to be courteous when going off campus to smoke by disposing of tobacco products and packaging in appropriate receptacles and being aware of others nearby who may not wish to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

How will the policy be enforced and by whom?

CSUF community members are asked to help create a smoke-free environment using community enforcement. Community enforcement relies on individuals to educate one another about the smoke-free policy at CSUF. Campus police will not be responsible for citing individuals for violating this policy.

What are the consequences for people who violate the smoke-free policy?

Students and employees are required to abide by all university policies in their day-to-day activities at CSUF. If a student or an employee violates this policy, they may face disciplinary action.

What should I do if I see someone smoking or using other tobacco products?

Report violations using the Smoke-Free Notification Form located on the Smoke-Free website at:

What will be done with the ashtrays around campus?

Ashtrays will be removed from campus because they are a receptacle for a product that will no longer be used on CSUF property.

Can I use the money I put aside in my flexible spending account to pay for costs related to smoking cessation aids and counseling that are not covered by insurance?

Money set aside in your flexible spending account can be used for your out-of-pocket expenses toward smoking cessation paraphernalia including counseling with a doctor's prescription.

Who should I contact for questions and concerns?

To send feedback, submit ideas or express concerns please contact the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at or by calling (657) 278-7233.